The compliance is being a strategic area of any company wishing to submit a financial effectiveness and efficiency, operational and administrative.


The function comes from the English verb "to comply" which means "to fulfill, execute, fulfill, accomplish what was imposed on him", that is, compliance is a duty to fulfill, comply and enforce internal regulations and taxes to activities of the institution.




1. To identify, prevent and detect risks at the level of activities, markets, culture, etc.


2. Protection Senior Management.


3. Protection of brand, image and reputation of the organization.


4. To improve the competitiveness and positioning of the business.


5. Protection losses, damage and fraud.


6. Have good practices of corporate governance


7. Global trend of organizations.


The COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM consider the following macro activities:


1. Risk Detention in internal and external environment in terms of culture, organizational structure, mission, values, goals, events, negotiation with the market / suppliers / competitors / institutional.


2. Compliance Management Program Implementation by defining rules, controls, policies, procedures, resulting in the development of the Code of Conduct.


3. Structuring the Compliance Officer to be responsible for implementation remains the Compliance Management Program Organizacaio.


4. Communication and Training through the dissemination and placement of complisance actions in mind and activities of employees and senior management.


5. Monitoring by continuous and periodic evaluations resulting in reports that indicated the '' state of the art '' of the Compliance Management Program resulting in internal adjustments (strategic, tactical, operational and organizational) and external.




In this way, we are offering the possibility of implementing a Compliance Management Program in your organization effectively and profitably.



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